Frequently Asked Questions

How do I engage your services?

Short answer is reach out via the Contact Us page and we'll talk. 

The longer answer is that we work on a monthly retainer to help you publish articles in key industry outlets. 

Typically, the first month focuses on developing the list of topics, targeted outlets and publications 

and preparing supplementary materials such as author bio sheets and past writing samples. 

From there, it is our job to prepare pitch letters, send them to editors and follow-up. 

When one expresses interest, we work with you to prepare the article. 

It's about relationship building with editors. We enable you to deliver high-quality articles to editors in desperate need for your expertise. 

That relationship grows through subsequent article submissions. 

How long is the commitment?

It's a month-to-month arrangement. We have no need to lock you in to a set time period as our plan is to continue delivering value each month.  

That said, it can take several months before articles get published. It depends quite a bit on the editor and publication in question. 

Do you guarantee results?


Any publication worth the trouble of placing an article will have a fierce gatekeeper called an editor who's responsible for maintaining quality. 

We are able to build relationships with editors by respecting their role and delivering the opposite of their expectations. They think you'll submit poorly written, barely disguised, self-promotional ads. 

Instead, we'll help you deliver high quality information their readers need. You become a valuable asset.